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With pets as our family members, we all like to take our dogs or cat with us on vacation and wouldn’t imagine moving without them!  Did you know there are a lot of government regulations and requirements for pet travel?  Commercial airlines have strict pet travel policies as well.  Most of the time, a certificate of veterinary inspection also known as a health certificate is required for your pet to travel.  Without this special documentation, your pet will either be turned away by the airline or potentially quarantined at your own cost.

Traveling with your pet requires planning and preparation; we are here to assist you.  To accommodate the changes in travel policies and allow our staff the time needed to acquire, verify, and help you complete travel documents accurately and timely, please schedule an appointment to discuss the requirements and lay out a timeline of your pet as far in advance as possible when traveling.  It is best to schedule an appointment months in advance.  If you have a question about if you will be able to make a planned trip with your pet please schedule an appointment to go over the necessary steps. 

Please review the requirements of the destination state or country for your pet on the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)’s website.

Services associated with the health certificate for each pet:

  1. Physical Examination
  2. Health Certificate
  3. Supplemental diagnostics and treatments that may be needed on a case by case basis: vaccinations, fecal test, blood tests, prophylactic parasite treatments for both internal and external parasites

USDA Endorsement

Please note that most international health certificates require an endorsement (stamp/signature) by the USDA.  This occurs after The Goodland Pet Hospital – La Concepcion accredited veterinarian signs the health certificate. This USDA endorsement of the health certificate can occur by either mailing it to the Sacramento field office or by appointment at the Southern California field office in El Segundo near the Los Angeles International Airport. The Goodland Pet Hospital is not responsible for scheduling your appointment with the USDA field office, for any fees associated, or for any delays. The Goodland Pet Hospital is not responsible if the field office is unable to accommodate your appointment request prior to your departure or if you did not leave enough time prior to your airline closing document entry for pets.

The USDA field office in Southern California is located at:

Los Angeles Animal Import Center (LA AIC)
222 Kansas Street El Segundo, CA 90245

Endorsement services offered via appointment only.
No walk-in or mail.

Note that the hours open as not the same as for appointments.  The office only allows health certificate endorsement in the morning.

Or you may mail the health certificate to the Northern California USDA field office:

USDA-APHIS-National Import Export Services
10365 Old Placerville Road, Ste. 210
Sacramento, CA 95827-2518

Don’t lose that document!

After the CVI health certificate, has been issued The Goodland Pet Hospital is not responsible for any lost or damaged documents. Depending on timing, The Goodland Pet Hospital may not be able to re-issue health certificates, vaccination certificates, titer reports, or add further testing.  Please call to ask and we will sure do our best to help, but it might not be possible depending on the situation.  Additional costs may apply.

Please note that The Goodland Pet Hospital is able to provide re-entry paperwork back into the country. Please check the USDA APHIS pet travel website for return requirements to the U.S. from your destination country.

Plan ahead!

For international pet travel or via Hawaii or USA territories, we highly recommend a consultation prior to your anticipated health certificate appointment to review requirements and plan for additional treatments or documentation needed to complete the health certificate. 


Every airline has specific requirements for pet travel and despite having a fully USDA endorsed health certificate, your airline may derail your travel plans.

Pet travel is not simple, but it is rewarding to be able to bring your beloved family member with you across the country or abroad.  We are here to assist you when possible, please let us know how we can help.



  • Microchip prior to rabies vaccinations
  • Two rabies vaccination certificates with original veterinarian signature
  • Rabies FAVN special blood test (*Expedited testing available with additional cost)
  • Health certificate with accredited veterinarian signature
  • Treatment for endoparasites and ectoparasites at health certificate appointment
  • USDA endorsement in person in Los Angeles or mailed to Sacramento


  • A microchip may be prior to rabies vaccinations but not required
  • Two rabies vaccination certificates with original veterinarian signature (31 days between vaccinations at a minimum)
  • Rabies FAVN special blood test
  • A waiting period of 30 days after titer
  • Health certificate with accredited veterinarian signature
  • Treatment for endoparasites and ectoparasites at health certificate appointment
  • USDA endorsement in person in Los Angeles or mailed to Sacramento


  • Though Canada does not always require a CVI health certificate, there are instances where it does.  Additionally, most airlines do require veterinary inspection within 7-10 days of flying.  A general CVI document is recommended for travel.  Please check with your airline for specific requirements.

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