Second Opinion Diagnostics

When Should You Seek a Second Opinion?

Perhaps your pet is experiencing some sort of complicated health issue for which a certain diagnosis is elusive. Is it time to get a second opinion? If you are like some owners, you may feel uncomfortable about getting a second opinion for a health problem with your pet. However, getting a second opinion is a perfectly normal and acceptable thing to do, and chances are, your home veterinarian will not have an issue with it and may even recommend it! As a respected and well-known veterinarian in Santa Barbara, Dr. Caitlin Kelly of the The Goodland Pet Hospital, welcomes giving second opinion consults for any small animal, and she has a vast array of experience to treat and diagnose most issues. 

A major reason to get a second opinion is when your pet is not responding to current treatment or when your current vet is unsure of what to do next. Perhaps he/she will recommend you visit a specialist, which, unfortunately, is an extremely expensive proposition. On the other hand, perhaps you are the one who wants a second opinion. If your current veterinarian doesn’t welcome your request, this may be a red flag and time to think about other options.

Chances are, you may be feeling frustrated and emotional that no answer has yet been found about what’s wrong with your pet. We totally understand that. You’ll find our entire staff is warm and welcoming. If need be, we will also help get your pet’s records from your other veterinarian. 

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