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At The Goodland Pet Hospital, we take pride in providing cutting edge veterinary care to every animal entrusted to us. However what makes us stand out among other veterinary practices serving Santa Barbara area is the technology we employ, and the advanced level of equipment we have on our premises that allows us to perform critical diagnostic procedures and difficult pet surgery usually offered exclusively at veterinary specialty hospitals. Thanks to this same technology and equipment we are also able to extend intensive care services to companion animals suffering conditions requiring constant care and monitoring.

When it comes to difficult diagnoses and pet surgery, word has spread through the area that there is a Goleta veterinarian who is experienced in performing a wide variety of orthopedic and soft tissue procedures, including laparoscopic and thorascopic surgeries, endoscopic examinations, and osteotomies. We are grateful to our clients who refer so many challenging cases to Dr. Caitlin Kelly, our talented veterinarian, who is able to make use of her considerable skills to treat them.

The key to being able to offer advanced surgical and intensive care is the array of advanced medical equipment with which we have equipped our treatment area. In addition to the fully-equipped clinical laboratory that permits us to perform diagnostic testing on site rather than having to send specimens out to a lab like most veterinary hospitals, we also have our own state-of-the-art X-ray, electrocardiogram, and ultrasound machines. We also possess the laparoscopic instruments necessary to perform minimally invasive surgeries, biopsies, and diagnostic explorations. Last but not least, we are one of the only veterinary hospitals in the area to boast a Doppler Blood Pressure Monitor and a Cardell Multiparameter Heart and Lung Monitor, permitting us to keep critical watch over our intensive care patients.

Despite all of our technology, what is most useful in diagnosing any condition is the information our clients are able to supply. For that reason we allow all the time it takes, quite often up to an hour, during which we listen carefully to all their observations and concerns, and lay out for them the options they have, the procedures we would like to take, and the extent of aftercare their recuperating pet will need.

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