Nursing Care

Helping your pet recover quicker.

When a veterinarian recommends a treatment to help address potential health concerns, you want to understand the recovery process and the way that a veterinarian serving Santa Barbara and Goleta can help. Nursing care after a pet surgery allows a pet to recover from treatment and ensures that he or she does not face complications during rehabilitation.

What is Nursing Care?

Nursing care refers to the post-operative care offered to a dog, cat or other pet after we perform a surgical procedure. By caring for a pet after surgery, our nursing professionals ensure that your pet heals and recovers in a timely manner.

A veterinarian provides the initial treatment and checks on the progress of a pet’s health, but a nurse handles the day-to-day needs of a pet throughout the recovery process. Your pet needs extensive care after surgery, even if it seems like minor surgery, so you want to make sure that a professional is available to address personal concerns about a pet’s health.

Why Do We Offer Nursing Care After Surgery?

At The Goodland Pet Hospital, we offer nursing care after any surgical procedure your pet goes through so that we can make sure the recovery process goes as smoothly as possible. Our nursing professionals check on your pet at different times and make sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible.

Like any nursing professional, our team takes measures to provide the services a pet needs throughout rehabilitation. A nurse provides appropriate medications to help alleviate pain, helps with changing bandages or provides assistance when a pet is cleaned up after a procedure. Essentially, our nursing staff offer services similar to a nurse in a hospital so that your pet recovers quickly and heals in a comfortable environment.

Encouraging Healthy Rehabilitation

Healthy rehabilitation starts with understanding the needs of your pet. After a surgical procedure, you want to encourage a healthy recovery process by ensuring that a professional is available until your pet can easily move on his or her own. We make sure that a nurse is available to address any concerns and evaluate the needs of a pet throughout the healing process.

Our nursing staff have the training to recognize the needs of a pet and to select appropriate bedding to keep a pet comfortable. We also make sure that a pet is moved at appropriate times to encourage healing and prevent sores or similar discomforts. Our team has the training and tools to encourage healthy recovery after surgery.

Healing after a surgical procedure is an uphill battle that takes time and effort. At The Goodland Pet Hospital, we understand that you have specific concerns that you want to address when a pet goes through surgery. That is why we offer nursing care and services that encourage the healing process and allow your pet to recover in a comfortable environment. To learn more about our services or for an appointment, contact us today.

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