Often, animals with special needs are not the first choice for pet owners. Unfortunately, these animals get overlooked because of the misconception that special needs animals require an extreme amount of time, attention, and money. Many special needs animals only require minor changes or special accommodations to live a healthy and happy life. Below, we will take a closer look at special needs pet care.

Learn About the Special Need

There is a wide range of conditions that would qualify as a special need in pets. A special need could be anything from being deaf or blind to having a genetic disorder or even having mobility issues. Every animal is different and therefore the severity of the condition and care required to treat the condition is different. If you are adopting an animal with special needs, it is important to really learn about the condition. What is your pet able to do independently and when will your pet need assistance? How are you able to help your pet live a happy and fulfilling life? Learning your pet’s limitations will allow you to help him or she be as independent as possible while living a happy life.

Gain the Right Tools

Some pets with special needs require additional tools to help them live a normal life. If your pet has mobility issues, this could be as simple as getting a cart to help your pet move. If your pet is blind, there are many types of apparatuses available that will help your pet navigate a new, unfamiliar space. Often these take the form of a halo or hoop surrounding the animal which will bump into walls and corners, alerting your pet. Further, sometimes meeting with a specialized trainer can help modify traditional training techniques. Pets who are deaf can often learn hand signals instead of verbal commands.

Set a Routine

Many animals require a daily routine to really settle into the day to day life. This is even truer with special needs animals. When an animal has an impaired sense or condition, a routine helps to establish normalcy in the day and can act as an indicator or marker for what behavior the owner is seeking. The more you can keep to a routine the better. This can include anything from the time you walk to the time you play or even the time for meals.

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