Do you ever think about your pet’s teeth or dental health?  Do you know that caring for your pet’s teeth, just like caring for your own teeth, is very important the overall health of your furry friend. If your dog or cat suffers from a pet dental problem, contact The Goodland Pet Hospital to schedule an appointment with our outstanding veterinarians and team for an assessment.  

The Importance of Pet Dental Health

Medical conditions can lead to several medical conditions in your pet’s life. Bacteria will adhere to teeth that are not properly cleaned and cared for which, in time, will become hard, cause plaque buildup and work its way underneath the gums. At this stage, it can lead to tooth loss. Handling dental problems as they arise prevents symptoms from worsening. Keep an eye on and take care of broken teeth, the rough edges can cause cuts in the mouth creating an entry point for bacteria entering the entire system in addition to weight loss due to the pet eating less frequently.  

How to Provide Pet Dental Healthcare 

Caring for your pet is a full-time commitment, dental health care at home is ideal. Are you wondering how to prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis?  Is plaque build-up an issue?  Using dental wipes is good for the removal of debris but purchasing a pet toothbrush will do the job but pet specific toothpaste that is fluoride free is important. The pet-friendly flavor will make brushing easy. Professional dental care performed by a trained veterinarian is important in addition to home care.  

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