Our pets’ lives are unpredictable. A cat can seemingly suddenly develop a serious illness that requires blood work, X-rays, ultrasounds, and specialists to diagnose and treat. A puppy can tragically be hit by a car and need emergency care. These are the events we hope never happen but recommend being financially prepared for. Accidents, illnesses, and even routine care are top reasons to invest in pet insurance so your pet can get the care they need by our veterinarians at The Goodland Pet Hospital in Goleta.

What Veterinary Care Does Pet Insurance Cover?

No two pet insurance companies are the same, so it’s important to consider what you want your pet insurance to cover. Some plans only cover accidents, while others cover both accidents and illnesses. Some offer a comprehensive package including wellness care for certain procedures, such as yearly exams and vaccinations. Also, consider what the plan will not cover. This may include pre-existing, congenital, and hereditary conditions.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

The company you choose and the exact plan you subscribe to will determine your pet insurance cost. According to the cost analyzing website ValuePenguin, average monthly costs for health insurance range from $25 to $70 for dogs and from $10 to $40 for cats. In addition to the type of coverage you select (catastrophic vs. comprehensive), the amount you pay toward deductibles and copays will affect your monthly payment. While paying $300 to $900 a year for insurance may sound like a lot, consider that a single pet surgery to fix a torn ACL or extract damaged teeth under anesthesia can cost thousands of dollars. It’s also important to understand how pet insurance pays for treatments. Many companies require that you pay the veterinary office in full and wait for reimbursement.

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