As our lives become increasingly connected thanks to the power of the internet, it’s becoming easier to find apps for just about anything. Here are a few of our favorite apps for pet owners.

For staying (safe and healthy)

  • Pet First Aid by American Red Cross — A great first line of defense in case your pet is injured or sick, this app lets you check symptoms and watch videos on common emergency situations.
  • ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center — Helpful knowledge about common household items that can be toxic to pets.

For training

  • Cat Training — Yes, cats can be trained, too! This app helps with cat manners, litter box training, scratching and clawing, jumping on tables, and more.
  • P5 Dog Training — This is a great app for teaching your dog basic obedience and fun tricks. It can even help to keep him in shape.
  • iClicker — Clicker training is wonderful for positive reinforcement. This app will play special sounds, like toy squeaks, when your dog (or cat!) does something you want him to continue doing.

For exercising

  • MapMyDogWalk — Find the best dog walking routes around you (based on other users’ experiences) and add new routes that you find with your pup. You can also find dog parks, waste-bag dispensers, and more.
  • Walk for a Dog — Exercise and give back to the charity of your choice. This app tracks your distance and donates a certain amount to your favorite cause.

For playing

  • Dog Park Finder Plus — Find the best dog parks in the U.S. based on user photos and reviews.
  • Cat Fishing 2 — Press “start” and watch your cat try to “catch” the fish in the sea by tapping them with her paws. The more she catches, the more challenging the game becomes.

For traveling

  • DogVacay — It’s like an Airbnb for dogs. If you’re heading on vacation and don’t want to board your pup, these sitters will come to your house, or you can choose to take your dog to their house.
  • Bring Fido — Want your pup to be with you everywhere? Find dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, dog parks, activities, events, and more with this app.

For selecting

  • BarkBuddy — The app that “finds fluffy singles near you,” BarkBuddy connects you with dogs that need homes.

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